Food blog: Bugong Roast Chicken, Market Market

Market! Market!
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delicious Bugong's Chicken

delicious Bugong Roast Chicken

Sunday is always a day for the family. And Market Market in Taguig is one of the best places were we do it. It’s a smorgasboard of different Filipino delicacies from different regions of the country.

It’s also where one of my favorite chicken places are–BUGONG ROAST CHICKEN!

It is usually packed with people waiting for their turn to savor that juicy, soft chicken that people learned to love.

It’s really really good! It’s roasted so I would compare the flavor to Kenny Roger’s minus the tang plus more juice.

Add that all up with good company…perfect dinner just with plain rice and pakbet bought from another store. It’s like having picnic in this very joyful place. There’s even live music!





more choices in Market Market, Taguig

more choices in Market Market, Taguig

Alexander John ‘AJ’ Villanueva
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