Life thoughts: I hate teaching

I’m a teacher–a piano teacher. I actually hate it. I’ve been teaching for 4 months now, and I still get nervous before my lesson starts. I’m not always sure of I’m teaching the right stuff to the student–yes! Just one student. We’re in the middle of school in Manila so only a few kids are allowed by their parents to study piano while studying for school. And maybe another factor is the school itself–it doesn’t look so nice and safe from the outside. It’s in one of those areas in Quezon City where people are cramped up, always shouting, in-the-danger-of-having-a-dengue-outbreak sort of places. But I have to tell you, everytime I finish my lesson with my 9-year old kid, I am the happiest teacher. That’s the main reason why I’m still not resigning considering the place, the pretty laid back salary, sometimes delayed pay-offs. Now I understand. It’s those things in life that I would not find even if I had all the money in the world. (well I could have ‘all the money in the world’ in other studios, but that will come)

As I was about to go home after today’s lesson, trying to reconcile what I was feeling at that moment and what I was feeling before I went there, I remembered the perfect teacher and discipler–Jesus.

He was not bothered by the weather. He was not bothered by the kind of people. He was not bothered by the circumstances. He taught and discipled. He loved to be the mentor. And I would want to be like that.

I am so honored to be called a mentor by some people I know just by me saying what I’ve experienced/learned through music, school, church, making the right choices. Maybe that’s why I’m really enthusiastic with the youth of our church who look at me as a kuya (big brother).

So now, even though I might never remove the feeling of being nervous before giving piano lessons, I will really look forward to it. Besides, my student’s so smart, we’re going to finish her module early. Perfect timing to practice for her recital this November.

And no, I don’t hate teaching. I am really passionate about any opportunity to teach!


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