Food blog: early birthday treats

Not really a food blog, but just a listing down of food I ate in church today as a start of my week’s celebration of my birthday on wednesday.

For lunch, my mom made chicken curry, which was really good since it was soya-cream based. (I’m lactose-intolerant) Then I bought the best commercially available ice cream for me–SELECTA Super Thick, strawberry and chocolate flavor.I actually wanted mango flavor, since it was my favorite, but there wasn’t any available.

Then our church elder brought home cute looking shell-shaped chocolates from Germany. They are so cute, and they don’t taste that sweet.

In the afternoon, I bought 4 boxes of pizza for the youth fellowship–not satisfied! Fatboys pizza is not good! But the kids enjoyed them anyway. It’s what we talk about and tease about around the food that was really fun. Then, my friend Hanah was gracious enough to buy a Caramel Coffee Cake from Red Ribbon. As usual, it was light, not that sweetn perfect, just like any cake from Red ribbon.

More food blogs this week! It’s my birthday!

Alexander John ‘AJ’ Villanueva
posted from my Blackberry


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