Food blog: Banapple

At long last! My favorite restaurants! My family and I have been eating here ever since I discovered it exactly a year ago.

There are two braches in Katipunan, Blue Ridge, we Ara and I or my family would usually eat. There is also one in Tomas Morato. Now, we ate in the Greenhills branch. Unlike the other branches, the Greenhills branch is not packed with people, so we got seats right away.

We ordered Cream Dory with honey mustard sauce. It’s a light meal (o well, anything from Banapple is never light), the Cream dory was cooked perfectly that it almost tasted like chicken fillet. The sauce is subtle enough that it did not overpower the fish. And what we always like in Banapple, SERVING SIZES! Everything is big! 180php (or around that price)

This never failed to entice and fill me up! I always suggest this to anyone who has eaten in Banapple for the first time–Hickory-smoked back ribs. The sauce is sooo good. The meat falls off the bone. It is so tender. Period. Truly the best meal, for me, in Banapple. And of course, it’s big! 185php

The star of the show! Never go to Banapple without eating their famous Bannoffee Pie. It’s not that sweet. The crust is so thick and flavorful, that it is a delight on its own. I would always measure that the thickness of the crust at the back part of the cake is the same size as my fork, front side down. Comfort food! 95php per slice. And again, it’s big. Good enough for 2 people.

Banapple never fails me.























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