Food blog: Happy Lemon

I’ve been longing to try Happy Lemon, but the nearest in UP is in Eastwood. Since we were in Greenhills, we gave it a shot. Happy Lemon is but one of the prominent milk tea places that is taking Manila’s milk tea madness by storm. We went there around 3:30pm, and the place was packed, with some people buying 6-8, some for take-out.

I ordered the Green Tea Yakult since i love Yakult, and I was just trying things out. Well, I think I ordered the wrong drink. But it was good, I could taste the yakult in it, but how I wish I ordered the Lemon Yakult. Maybe it would’ve tasted better.

Ara ordered the Green Tea with Rocksalt and Cheese, which actually makes Happy Lemon very interesting. Rocksalt and Cheese with tea??? Well it was good! The cheese was lavishly poured last along with the bits of….crushed green tea on top??… I don’t know what that is. But it was really good. It’s those things in food that you would never imagine would go together, but they pulled it off!

I think I have to taste the other drinks on the menu next time.


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