Food blog: Mom’s classic spaghetti recipe

When we were young, my mom will always cook this recipe that all of us kids will really love. I got to learn this recipe when I was in college already. That was the time when my parents were gone for a month in the US, and I was in charge of the house, the food and the kitchen.

You need:

  • tomato sauce (no mixes)
  • garlic
  • onion
  • italian seasoning
  • extenders (very optional but would add a lot of depth to the sauce): MUST add is : ground pork/beef/corned beef/tuna, optional: finely dices carrots, celery, mushrooms, capers, sliced olives
For tonight, I used
  • corned beef
  • mushrooms
  • capers
  • olives
  1. Sautee garlic and onion (you can add chili)
  2. Add the pork/beef/tuna
  3. Sauce
  4. Seasoning (italian, salt, pepper)
  5. add sugar to make things interesting
  6. that’s it
This recipe reminds me a lot about my childhood, growing up in a quiet neighborhood in Las Pinas, enjoying my mom’s cooking, being with friends, having fun! I miss those days. I miss Las Pinas.

I actually made this tonight just to thank my dad for helping me fix up my car which broke down over the weekend. It cost him a lot so I wanted to thank him by feeding him, which my mom doesn’t like. haha!


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