Food blog: Try Mo Shawarma Co.

Ara and her family used to live in Lagro in Quezon City a few years back. She introduced me to this wonderful Shawarma joint where everyone in the area seems to enjoy. It has no proper signage, just a small one, no nice seats, no air-conditioning, but people in the area, students, residents, know that this place should be a regular habit for them. And yes, the name of the joint is Try Mo Shawarma Co. which is located just at the arc after entering the boundary of Lagro, Quezon City.

When Ara and I was going here regularly before, there were just two meat varieties: chicken and beef. Now there’s pork. But I’d rather have the chicken shawarma since I am not a fan of beef, since it takes more time to digest. Chicken also is not always available in the usual shawarma places we see in the malls or even in UP and Philcoa. So, there goes chicken.

This place opens at 3pm and closes at 230am. It’s a place for night outs, parties, inuman and stuff. The prices are pretty cheap. For 65php you can enjoy chicken, beef or pork shawarma, which has generous amount of meat, plus cheese. There’s also something called sizzling shawarma, which is like a deconstructed shawarma in a sizzling plate, with shreds of pita bread. It’s good for sharing, and definitely best with rice.

We ordered chicken shawarma with cheese. Couldn’t taste the cheese that much though. But the chicken? Because there is generous amount of it, the flavor is so good. They also have 2 sauces to choose from: regular garlic sauce, and chili garlic sauce. So these 2 in the shawarma, HEAVEN! Even the veggies in the meal were not tipid. It’s really a MEAL not a snack. It’s heavy enough to get you going through a day.

So, if you have the chance, and you’re somewhere near Fairview, Novaliches, pass by here! You’ll love it!


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