Food blog: Ree ChiChie’s Cassava cake

There’s this cassava cake place where I always pass by whenever I come home after bringing Ara home. I’ve been always intrigued as to how it is. So, last Tuesday, since it is a holiday in Manila, (All Saints’ Day) my dad wanted to visit the remains of my lola, his mom in Fairview, Quezon City. We passed by this small store and tried it out.

It’s pretty cheap. It’s available in 2 sizes. The big one costs 210php. The small one, which is still a lot, costs 105php. It is available with 2 toppings: macapuno and langka. We bought the macapuno.

It is so good. I’ve eaten a lot of cassava cakes, mostly from Laguna, but I’ve never tasted anything like this. The macapuno on top is generous that it adds to the sweetness of the whole thing. It’s creamy, and because it was freshly cooked, it added to how good it was.

It was so good we bought another one coming home. It was in the fridge for 3 days but the macapuno on top never dried up unlike most cassava cakes I’ve tasted.

I would really want to buy it again, especially for Xmas or when I go to visit Ara’s house soon.


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  1. i super love their pichi-pichi!!! pero alam nyo kung ano lang mali nila? napakadaya nila magbigay ng discount sa senior.. 20% dapat ang discount pero sa P160 nila na pichi-pichi, P10 lang ang discount! makakarating toh sa BIR!

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