Food blog: Kanin Club

Everyone I know who already ate in Kanin Club only have good things to say. I’ve been really wanting to eat here for a long time. So last Friday, Ara set up a dinner with her church friends with me in UP Technohub. They actually wanted to meet me in some way, so this was the best way.

The atmosphere is really nice–Filipino music playing, walls resembling windows from early Spanish-Filipino houses that are still existent in the provinces, just a casual dining atmosphere where friends and family can enjoy. And since it is a Friday night, the place was jam-packed–a good sign of good food!

We ordered enough food for 5. We started with this very delicious Sinigang na Salmon Belly. It was so good! Couldn’t get enough of the soup. And the fish?? This picture up here says it all. Since it is the belly part, there was fat on one side, and pure pink fish goodness for the rest of it. It was really good, I can have it all day!

This is what everyone is talking about. Everyone I know who ate in Kanin Club always told me to try their Crispy Dinuguan. I think instead of lamang loob, they had crispy skin or liempo in here. I don’t know since I really couldn’t analyze. The sauce is not a soup unlike the usual dinuguan our Lola makes. It’s stickier and it’s almost like paste. This is to die for! Just this one and plain rice could make a meal!

Kanin Club also boasts on its dessert twists. Leche flan topped with Macapuno, Turon w/ a lot of tsismis inside. (invented menu because of bad memory). The Leche flan is the simple leche flan just topped with macapuno. It should be shared because it may be too sweet for some. The turon is really good. It has ube halaya, macapuno, kaong, and some others inside. It’s like a halo-halo stuffed inside a turon. Otherwise, the turon should be what I should order again if I should come back with my family.

Filipino food with a twist–that’s Kanin Club. Perfect for the family and the barkada. I will surely go back here to try their specialty rice toppings next time!


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  1. Have been here a lot of times, and yes their food is excellent – have your Simvastatin ready though especially when you’re ordering the Dinuguan. I believe they put chicharon in there, sinfully and heart-blockingly delicous! 🙂

    An addition to the “tsismis” – I think there’s ube in it. Delish!

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