Food blog: Kazam Kebab House, Maginhawa, Teachers Village

Maginhawa in Teacher’s Village is one of the most underrated places for foodies that is slowly creeping into the limelight because of all the blogs, top 10s and stuff that appear on TV and all over the net now and then.

Just for that matter, Ara and I tried, out of the blue, this Persian resto which is beside Good Burger in Maginhawa–Kazam.

As because the nature of all restos along Maginhawa, or maybe the whole of Teacher’s Village is a family/small business, this resto has only about 5 staff. Amazing! (Of course not all of them are in this pic)

For the food, Ara and I ordered just a few, good enough to last the whole afternoon. She ordered Beef Kebab which is 75php. Pretty decent for a student. It looks and tastes good as well. Just enough for how much it costs. It actually looks somehow like longganisa with sinangag in this picture. But hey, its still good considering the price. What I can say about the flavor is, it has a lot of spices that distincts it far from ordinary Filipino barbeque and enough tang (lemon i think) that would distinguish it from the regular shawarmas we have from those booths in every mall in the metro. There is a 2-stick kebab for 135php which has another name that I forgot.

I ordered a chicken wrap for 60php. A chicken wrap is also known as chicken  shawarma in other places like the Try Mo Shawarma Co. Place in Lagro. Just to compare the two, the one in Lagro has more meat inside. If you’re looking for something that REALLY fills you up, the one in Lagro is the answer. Filipinos would say that it’s masarap just because of the abundance of meat inside. But if we are to talk about the taste itself, the chicken wrap in Kazam is a shocker. It has the same stuff, tomatoes, white onions, and cucumber, ofcourse with the shredded chicken meat, but men, this one tastes a lot better. The chicken meat has a sort of tang that I never tasted in the one in Lagro. It was really good!

Overall, this place is for students who want to go Persian, be secluded enough to the ones near UP, and still enjoy the flavors of Persian food. The price is student-friendly, so no worries! It’s good! I recommend that you try it, even the other restos beside it. hehe. That’s what I’m gonna do next.




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