Life thoughts: Thanksgiving

We may not celebrate Thanksgiving in the Philippines, but I think this is the best time to look back for the year that was, for what God has done to me, through me, my family and other people. My heart cannot contain all the joy that God had brought me this year, so here goes. I can just write the major things that happened this year. (I feel like I’m gonna repeat this on Christmas):

1. I was able to travel twice for free. Which is a dream I think for anyone.
2. I won a competition in Indonesia.
3. God took away my lolo last March, and I think that event made the family more solid, even though my mom’s still facing a lot of stress.
4. My lolo’s death catalyzed my creativity as I was able to write 5 major pieces this year that all made it to an international audience.
5. My ate got married. Still adjusting, though, but I’m really happy for her and her husband.
6. I have renewed passion to lead the church’s music ministry as every week I see to it there is something new.
7. Maybe last, for now, one of my greatest blessings this year is Ara. 🙂


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