Food blog: Manang’s Chicken

I’ve always been hearing Manang Chicken since all these fried chicken restaurants sprouted out this year, starting with Bon Chon and others. It’s just now that I’ve tried it, since I’ve been craving for crispy fried chicken this week because of watching too much TLC. hehe.

(oopss. didn’t see that the letters are almost coming off. hehe)

Ara and I tried the one in Katipunan, the one at the ground floor of One Burgundy, one of the popular condos along Katips. The facade is just small. BUT, shockingly, there were more employees than diners. Otherwise, the place was nice, relaxing.

(sorry. Didn’t take much pics. Concentrated more on eating. hehe)

They pride themselves in double deep fried chicken. They also add sesame seeds to add to the crunch. They also have special sauces (original, mild spicy, extra spicy) to add flavor to the uberly crunchy chicken, which I really love! The chicken can stand on its own. I mean, it’s actually somewhat a problem with the food. the chicken is not that savory or flavorful unlike KFC, etc. Don’t get me wrong, it’s really good, on its own, even without rice. But, because the rice acts like a neutralizer of sorts, it strips down the chicken’s flavor to almost nothing. So the solution is, it eat just by itself or  eat the chicken with sides which we will do next time (the ricec can be upgraded to 1 of 3 different sides that they have). But otherwise, the chicken is worth dying for. I can eat 10 chicken wings from Manang’s!

The price is just right. For a 2 pc. chicken meal with a drink, it’s 154php. Not bad for great flavor. You add 10php to upgrade the rice to 1 of the sides (which I recommend). OR, munch on 3pc or 6pc chicken wings (which I might do next time).




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  1. Thanks so much for posting this. Today we just opened our SM North branch to cater those who are in the North. We are very blessed with the way our fans and customers respond to us and with that we are very thankful. We’ll share this on our Facebook and Twitter. Thanks again and see us again soon! 🙂

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