Food blog: Gelatissimo

This is a very exciting gelato bar in Trinoma. Everyone I know who has been there only have the best words to say. I was intrigued myself.

The place is very nice. It’s located in the open area in the top floor of Trinoma, where Starbucks is. You won’t have a problem with seats that much. But if ever, you do, there are a lot of sitting places around the area outside.

Gelatissimo is so exciting inside. They have two main gelato ‘stations’:

The fruit ‘station’

and the very lovely and enticing chocolate ‘station’

We got ourselves tasting and testing different flavors. I loved the face that they also help us in choosing what we can have by helping us combine 2 flavors (maybe a marketing strategy to get us to buy more or not; whatever! still is hella good!). I also loved the fact that they actually encourage you to try and taste almost everything if possible.


I had the most extraordinary ice cream combination I’ve heard til now–Chili Chocolate & white chocolate. So lovely. The Choco chili is so interesting! You get the taste of rich chocolate, then after 3 seconds, the chili comes running after. This is the sort of flavor you need to pacify. That’s where the white choco comes in. My goodness! Such a lovely combination.

We also got the Veronese Chocolate & white chocolate combo which is, I think, more lovely than what I had. Veronese chocolate is made from what we know here as Ferrero chocolates. Sweet and rich and full of flavor. Not to mention the oozing serving that we had.

1 scoop for 110php is not bad! 2 for 160php is really not bad at all! This good? I’ll be back!

I seriously enjoyed Gelatissimo. I think I found my new dessert place.


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