The JPL blog series: Laurel’s Flavored Fries

The next blog brings us to the middle of the stretch of JP Laurel where all the food stalls are about a month or 2 old. And where the stalls have names that are not catchy, some anonymous, but full of surprises and full of value for money.

It’s named Laurel’s. They have 3 flavors: Texan Barbecue, Sour Cream n Chives and Cheddar Cheese.

Fries that are not NYFD, or Potato Corner, or Mcdonalds, are usually deemed not good. But surprisingly, I would say that Flavored Fries matches NYFD, even surpassing Potato Corner. The quality of the potatoes are really good, they cut the potatoes fresh before the day starts, store it cold, and use it when needed.

And even though the put the regular fries in a disposable coffee mug, the 35php I paid for it was worth it. Since they fried the potatoes at a high temperature, the outside of the fries are crispy, but close to being soft and mushy inside. I’ve never had fries like that before. And since they are newly cooked and hot and steamy, it is such an enjoyable moment to munch on these potatoes. I enjoyed it.


J.P. Laurel is one of the most underrated food joints in UP Diliman. It is located near the Shopping Center along the road where the post office is on one end, and where the oval field is on the other end.


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