The JPL blog series: Chicken bites

Also at the middle of the stretch of JP Laurel is another month old food stall where one can relax and have a good time while munching or devouring on comfort food.

The food stall is anonymous. But still students in and outside UP Diliman buy here occasionally because of the cozy atmosphere brought by the tables and chairs behind the stall. They serve chicken bites, can be plain chicken bites or can be served with rice, rice bowl style.

The chicken bites which we ordered without the rice looks good also considering the generous amount put on the food container. Just by itself, it already is good. They cook it fresh, putting on egg and flour mixture on small cut pieces of chicken fillet. For the sauce, they have gravy, hot sauce, ketchup, and vinegar. Go with the vinegar when eating it without rice. Go with the gravy when eating it with rice.

And since it is a nice place to hang out (we were there for about 45 mins which is impossible in carinderias except those food stalls located in outside areas). And with the adjacent Flavored Fries and another adjacent milk tea place, I can be there all day!

They also have fried liempo on a rice bowl which I should also try next time.


J.P. Laurel is one of the most underrated food joints in UP Diliman. It is located near the Shopping Center along the road where the post office is on one end, and where the oval field is on the other end.


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