The JPL blog series: Lutong Bahay’s Lemon shake

This image shows a whole and a cut lemon.

Image via Wikipedia

Lutong bahay is one of the two oldest canteens in JP Laurel. They are institutions to the point that people would associate the street that is JP Laurel to LB (Lutong Bahay). Lutong Bahay is a regular student-priced canteen that serves ‘lutong bahay’ favorites as well as really tasty pansits and lumpia.

But now, we focus on what we can see outside. The fruit shakes stand.

I never get my fruit shakes here because I thought that there was a better place. But they have something that I have never seen offered in other fruit shake places in UP as well as those in the malls, considering the price. Of course they have the basics like mango, melon, papaya, watermelon and some powdered chocolate, vanilla. But just lately, as I was seeing people pass by from LB, what caught my eye was a lemon-decorated cup that made me really curious.

For 35php you get this wonderful, pretty, sweet, sour goodness that may remind us of the other more sophisticated drinks like Happy Lemon. Well, yes. It is a fresh lemon shake. I have known no other stall that offers this in UP. They even slice and seed the lemon in front of you while you wait. It is good. They managed to balance the sour lemon with the sugar and made it a wonderful fresh lemonade slush. Try!


J.P. Laurel is one of the most underrated food joints in UP Diliman. It is located near the Shopping Center along the road where the post office is on one end, and where the oval field is on the other end.


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