Life thoughts: Been a while

Yup. It’s been a while. My last ‘real’ post was way back March. So many things have happened. So many things are yet to happen for me this year. I just want to share some of them.

1. I graduated college last April.

2. I met my future teacher for my advanced studies in Germany.

3. God provided for me for the past months.

4. I was just accepted to teach music in a small music conservatory here in Manila.


Things going on.

1. I’m in the middle of an album production for our church’s 25th anniversary. (so excited about that!) Coming out on December.

2. I’m beginning to formulate my syllabus for my college teaching which will start on November.

3. I’m gathering the papers as I prepare for the submission of requirements for my scholarship.


I really thank God for everything He’s been doing. And yes, I think some of you are still wanting for me to write some food blogs. I will try to get in to that again!


Author: ajvillanueva

composer of contemporary music. passionate church musician. avid foodie. Jesus follower

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