Life thoughts: where does this road end?

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about my plans, and i have much that i want to do with it.

Just finished a semester of teaching in a bible college where students study to be church musicians. I have to say that it taught me a lot and i had a lot of fun. But then here comes the reality: for a couple of months now, I’ve been waiting for something that would change my life forever. Something that I’ve always wanted since i was a kid. And still i am waiting.

Everything is hanging on the balance for me. It’s as if my life is put on hold until i find out what God really wants to happen for the next couple of years.

If plan a doesn’t work there’s always plan b.

Plan b? Never even thought of plan b. Well, i have but not concretely. I am really wanting to wait on plan a’s result before having concretely planning what my plan b would be. And i am constantly bothered by other people asking me what the status of plan a is. Couldn’t tell them anything but this: i don’t know what God’s plan is but i am certainly kneeling everyday for it.”

And then i read the book of Ecclesiastes. God told me that nothing on earth really matters, nothing! We are just a vapor on the wind. We can die in a second with nothing to be brought with us when we die. So what is the point in all of this?

He said that, yeah, life is short. And truly it is so short not to do anything with it. The book also said that do everything while i am young because it will all be hard for me to achieve my dreams when i am weak, feeble and old.

For weeks this was what God told me and i am still to wait upon His answers to my prayers. Yes, i do feel discouraged and sad but I will always remember that long wait that he allowed me to have years ago. It will be worth it!


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