Thoughts on music: Pasasalamat, the 25th anniversary album of Christian Bible Church of Las Piñas

I am so proud to post this. Pasasalamat (Grateful) is an album that i produced for the 25th anniversary of my church, Christian Bible Church of Las Piñas. Read on!

Last year, we did something ground-breaking, something so big and ambitious it required my full 100‰ attention for 6 months. We recorded our 25th anniversarry album, Pasasalamat. But everything started 7 years ago.

7 years ago, a dream began to linger my mind. During the time when almost all songs we sing in church are from albums from the US and Australia, I started thinking about the possibility of our church having an album. But of course during that time, I had no proper training, no proper equipment and no possibility for me to do anything like an album. Exposing myself with different kinds of Christian music both local and foreign, on the summer of 2006, I came up with the first song to be included in the album–Pasasalamat. I just barely graduated high school that time and was still establishing my direction for the next 5 or so years. But it was clear to me that I am on my way to a career in music. With the overflow of my leasons in music school came the overflow of God’s blessings for me to write more songs to be sung in church. Soon after, mama gor involved and started writing wonderful lyrics to songs like Nais Pa Kitang Makilala and Kay Buti Mo. That started the influx of words and music that every church anniversarry we see to it that a new song is sung.
Still, my dream a few years back remained, and even became stronger. As early as 2010 I was already telling mama and papa that we should record an album for our 25th anniversarry. What more fitting way to diaplay the goodness of God to the church by proclaiming it not only in CBC but to other churches as well through a CD. And true enough, God allowed it to happen.
2011, God allowed me to win a prestigious composition prize in Indonesia that opened doors for me but more than that, allowed me to acquire equipment for my home studio. Now, I have the right equipment. Years of training in music school allowed me to have the right training. Graduating from college last April 2012 allowed me to have time. And so it began.
I officially started working on the album without any assurance of having it sold, even without any assurance of how it would sound like. I used to produce individual songs before this but I never produced an album. I was really ambitious. The only thing driving me to do this was the sound of the would-be final product and the enjoyment on the faces of the music ministers everytime we finish a recording session in our “studio” every weekend, the pastor’s office.
It became our workplace every weekend even though we had to turn off the air conditioner every time in the middle of the summer heat, everyone had fun. A lot of talent was brought out in the humble 4 corners of the pastor’s office that could not have been possible in a recording studio with all the pressure of being overtime. And for 5 months of album production, it has been like that.
The last month was the post-production. It’s where modern technology steps in to make everything come together and make all the songs sound good. In other words, all pressure was on me now. For 5 days a week, from 10am to 10pm I drenched myself in listening to all the songs one by one until we got the most perfect sample which came after about 9 CD drafts.
After the CD production, I submitted the final master CD to our executive producer and took time to look back. It all just started with a dream. God allowed that dream to materialize and now the CD is blessing not only people from CBC but people around the Philippines as well through 702 DZAS.
Truly this CD is a testament of how God has worked through the church using the incredible talent that God has given the music ministry. Happy anniversarry to Christian Bible Church and to those who already have the CD, please share it with others that they may also be blessed!

Lubusan ang aming pasasalamat!


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