Food blog: Sinangag Express

If you’re a Southie, from BF Parañaque or at least studied elementary or high school in one of the many schools there, you surely have tried to eat in this very famous tapsilogan. Since college my family and i moved North so it’s actually been years since I’ve last eaten here: yup, Sinangag Express! It’s that very lovely tapsilog and more that me and my high school friends would always go to eat dinner or lunch.

I think this is one of the very few branches up north. And since it opened in katipunan , it never failed to attract diners even if the place is a lot smaller than the ones in the south.


The menu is the same at the most. They added a bit more like Vigan longganisa silog and Lucban longganisa silig that i have yet to try.


This is what i came here for. Their ever famous tapsilog. I would always remember that I would have 2 orders of this. It’s so addicting. I also remember that after we graduated high school, our school principal treated us here with all the double orders. Good times!

Years ago The prices were at the 40 range and now, maybe just in the Katipunan branch the prices start at 70. Maybe it was really a long time since the last time i ate Sinangag Express. But it tastes the same. Don’t forget the vinegar and that Chili sauce that are standard condiments on every table.

Go visit! I’d certainly eat here again soon.

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