Life thoughts: silence in the cross road

Sometimes all we need is to be silent, to be alone with nobody around but His creation and you.

There are a lot of things that i hope i fully understand about life. A lot of things that makes me want to see what the end point is if i take this or that direction. My humanity keeps on pushing me to fully understand the answers to questions each cross road poses.

Is not God the God of the all knowing? Then why doesn’t He let me see the end of each road? Doesn’t He have a plan for me?

Cross road
I know from Scripture that indeed He has a plan for me, a plan to prosper and not to harm. Then why a cross road?

I am not sure. And i don’t fully understand and maybe i will never understand why God places cross roads on the way when I was about to be so sure about the way He wants me to go.

My mother will always tell me in times like these that God is molding me to be a better person.

Waiting is one of the most stressful and dreadful feelings there is. And a blocked road maybe worse. Very painful for me to say right now but God is using this to make me a better person for HIS glory.

Now what’s next?
I have no idea. Makes life a little bit more exciting and also a lot more dependent oh His promises.

He has a plan.

He will never leave me.

He will provide.

He hears my prayers

He loves me.

He is alive in me.

Very difficult for be to say but these are times when I should stand on His promises more.

In the silence
In the silence and in stillness He speaks more. I should listen more.

Lord, keep me still
Though stormy winds may blow
And waves my little bark may overflow
Or even in darkness I must go
And keep me still, and keep me still

Lord keep me still the waves are in thy hands
The roughest winds subside at thy command
Still thou my bark and safely to the land
And keep me still, and keep me still

Lord, Lord, keep me still, keep me still
Lord, keep me still
And may I ever hear that still small voice to comfort and to cheer
So shall I know and feel thee ever near
And keep me still

From Springs in the Valley

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