Food blog: Ersao

Ersao has been existent for a couple of years now. I first saw this on the UP shopping center about 5 years back. Now this about a year old branch in Marikina offers a completely different experience compared to the one i know of in UP.



It definitely is a nice place to go to. Very cozy inside and the seats are comfortable.


Their menu concentrates on noodle soups and rice toppings.  They also have refreshing smoothies and milk teas.




I was really surprised by the quality of their food. We ordered 3 different noodle soups and i have to say that all of them were amazing and amazingly affordable. We had beef noodles, wanton noodles, and dumpling noodle soups. The wanton and dumplings in were amazing as i think the wrappers are freshly made on site. I’ve tested the best dumplings in Manila in Binondo and i think these would compare to that. Very soft wrappers and very mild flavored ground pork with chives inside. It was definitely a treat!

We also got a blueberry shake which is also really good. Am amazing feature of the restaurant is the condiments. They have a pretty unique tray of basil powder, curry powder and spicy dilis which is like the ordinary Chili garlic sauce but with dilis which gives it another layer of flavor. I enjoyed adding that to my noodle soup.

Would definitely eat here again. Good food and good ambience!

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