Life thoughts: a change of perspective

I’ve learned something very valuable and life changing. It is a change in perspective that made me rely on God more and less of myself.

It’s called seizing the day. Carpe Diem.

I’ve learned that planning the next 5 or so years of my life will only bring the utmost frustration and disappointment in me once a plan doesn’t push through.

I am the type of person who’s like that. I plan everything up to the most minute detail possible. And I’ve experienced just recently that I tend to shut off and be in a state of panic once something goes awry.

Then I thought and with all of God’s reminders that I should trust Him because He has a plan. If He has a plan, why should I plan the next 5 or so years? I should just ask Him what His plan for me is and work it out. That means that I don’t need to plan anything because everything is already laid out for me.

I’m sure i know this but never knew what it meant and how it meant for me. God has His ways of showing me what i should do, sometimes the harder way.

I would think that this change in perspective would let me communicate with my God more and accept what life’s rejections and acceptance would give me.

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