Food blog: KatsuCafe

Been wanting to try this restaurant since Ive been seeing it at the back of Bo’s coffee in Katipunan.


It’s a really cozy place. A prefect place to be intimate and relaxed since it is pretty small. I think it can hold up to just 50 people.


First thing that got my attention are the condiments. They gave us grind it yourself sesame seeds in a mortar and pestle which is really cute and somewhat therapeutic. They have sesame oil and that very iconic spice that is a must in every katsu joint.


Their menu is short and concentrated on the typical Japanese food found in casual Katsu places like this. The average price of the food is about 250php per person.


We ordered chicken katsu and pork katsu. Both look almost exactly alike. But i actually like their presentation. It costs 195php. pretty decent because it already comes with the soup and the and unlimited rice.

I just have a bit of an issue with the serving size. I always go to another Katsu place and their pork katsu is a way bigger. But hey, can’t beat the bundle of soup and unlimited though.

I’ll surely come back and try their donburi and tempura. Nomnomnom

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