Life thoughts: is a blessing a blessing?

I’ve got a lot going on for me now. I’m still actually in disbelief of the things that has happened just within the past 3 weeks. Of course I thank God for all of them.

But I was thinking, is a blessing still considered a blessing even if you never prayed for it specifically, never even imagined to happen as soon as now?

People keep on asking me if I am happy with all the things happening. I just tell them that, yeah, I’ve been dreaming about all of these but not now.

I am now working with my 3 dream institutions that I was really dreaming to work for. And now that I am working for them I just can’t understand why. Why now?

Of course it is a blessing for all of them bring money and satisfaction but I was thinking that indeed His ways are different than ours. I still don’t understand a single thing
I still don’t see what’s coming. I’m just happy that I’m doing something, something truly worthwhile.

Every blessing is still a blessing, even if I think the timing is not what I thought it would be, His timing is always perfect.

I wonder what’s next. 🙂

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