Life thoughts: obedience

Obedience is a word that is opted not to be heard by people who are trying to run their own lives in their own ways. Therefore, obedience is something not of our own human understanding.

Sometimes we think it’s better to control or own lives based on being free from the boundaries and guidance already set for us by our parents, bosses and the Bible. But it was never designed to be that way. Obedience is saying “I surrender the control of my life to you. You know better.”

There are also times when we tend to bend certain rules, try to reinterpret the Bible to work our way. But since the Bible is constant and never changing, there is no reason to do that, but to obey.

There will also be times when we know that we should obey, we know what to do, we know we’re wrong, we say we’ll obey, but still we delay. If we delay our obedience, we tend to lose our focus on the proper way to do it and tend to work it out the way we like it and try to bend the rules again causing us ultimately not to obey.


But why should we really obey?

When Joshua obeyed, they discovered things that they cannot do on their own. They realized that God’s way is not their way and that the power of God is manifested in total obedience.

When Abraham obeyed and left his comfort zone, even though he did not understand, he became the father of Israel and became, for me, the utmost example of living by faith and not by sight.

When Moses obeyed God and spoke to the Pharoah, he paved the way for the freedom of his people under slavery, basically making him the nation’s hero.


And what happens when we disobey?

When Jonah disobeyed, God made a fish swallow him, and at the end made him obey Him still.

When David disobeyed and bore a child in sin with Batsheeba, God took their child away. David returned back to the Lord and have them Solomon.

When Achan disobeyed God’s commands not to take anything from Jericho, God killed him, his family, and all his livestock and thus bringing the wandering Israelits back on their feet and showing them what God does to those who disobeys him.

So, even though it is something that is difficult for us to do, something we think we can live without doing, something we think can change or everyday habit…. OBEY now. Because even if we disobey, God will still cause us to obey Him. The difference is, there will always be a consequence. So better yet, obey now.

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