Life thoughts: life thoughts

I am a dreamer. As much as I ask God for His plans for my life, I tend to freely dream on my own and consider possibilities of an ideal life that I’d like to have.

This week, someone I knew died. She died of a sickness that could have been treated if she wanted but she focused on working and fulfilling her life-long dreams of an ideal jazz music scene here in the country.

I’ve started working with Tess salientes this year. An outstanding performer and a great imaginary, she thought of things that were innovative to the jazz music scene. I was waiting for songs from her this week when I discovered her early and sudden passing. I still have our last sms conversation and I still remember what we talked about when she called me for this project we were supposed to have.

I am a dreamer
This made me realize that how great a visionary one could be, that vision is still bound by life itself. Life is definitely short. Short enough that in one minute I can think about how I can be rich and in the next, think about how I can try to cheat death to continue on dreaming about my ideal life.

But is it ideal enough to cheat death or have a vision? What is that life that is ideal?

His ways are not mine
We do not hold the future. Someone as fulfilled as Tess could be, can succumb to life’s end just in a matter of days.

If i am a dreamer, then what am i dreaming of? Am i to spend it dreaming about life or forever dream about the ideal life, which the Bible says is in heaven?

Life is too short to not live it right, to not live it for God who gave us the idea of an ideal life which is in Him, which is for Him.

I am a dreamer and I dream that my life be for Him.

My condolences to the family and friends of Tess Salientes, a woman of talent and vision.

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