Life thoughts: James 1

James 1

I will do half of this chapter on James today, and another half tomorrow. This is our church’s lesson for the next 2 months and I am excited to learn much from this very practical book. I learned from my Soteriology class under Dr. Anderson that some use this book to justify faith and works. But from a plain reader this might not seem a book likely to have anything to do with our salvation. Verse 1-18 talks about double mindedness. This is the person who is unstable in his faith. Christ on the other hand is not double minded. Verse 18 says that in Him there is no shifting shadow or variation.

What comes into mind when I encounter this passage is my constant battle with sin and my sinful nature. It’s really a struggle. Everyday I struggle with lust, that praise God I suppress with studying His Word. But I wonder, aren’t we all in a way double minded? We know what is right but we continue to sin. That’s what happens to me every single day. Up to this point, yes I admit that I am still unstable but God holds me dear to Him. Which brings me to ask again, why? I don’t understand God’s love. How can he love someone like me who continues on hurting Him? I can just hold on to His undouble-mindedness. He is stable, actually more than stable. He is the standard. And I am ever so grateful that I am His child.


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