Life thoughs: James 1:19-27

James 1:19-27

Today is church day. I always look forward to Sunday because even though I do a lot of ministries on a Sunday, I still consider it a time of rest.

Our lesson for today is about words. We are blessed because everything in church is synced with the lesson. Sunday School is about the passage, the preaching is about the passage, and small group questions throughout the week is about the passage. I learned so much today. Maybe because the passage seems familiar to me. And my dad (the preacher) referenced a book by Dr. Anderson, Triumph Through Trials. So the theology seems very familiar to me. I particularly learned the meaning of the word hearer. It is likened to someone who audits a course in school. He hears it, but doesn’t really do anything with it because it doesn’t matter to him. I admit that application of the Word is one of my weaknesses, maybe as well as others too. But I said in our small group that application shouldn’t be very general. But it has to seep through every detail of life.

Another thing I learned is that it is not only words that we communicate but also body language and facial expression. I fail so much in this part of communication. I tend to be too transparent or too uninterested at times and people see it in my face.

So here is my application of that lesson. I will try to take a few seconds off before I respond verbally to anyone. And I think what works with me is to be a little bit poker faced but still looking at someone’s eyes when I talk or when they talk to me so that they would know that I am interested. Need to work this out.


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