Life thoughts: 1 Timothy 3

1 Timothy 3

Came across this chapter today because I used it in the class discussion. It surprises me that almost every lesson I’ve been reading in my personal time is for ministry and addressed for those in the ministry. The overseer in verse 1, episkope, speaks of someone in authority in the ministry. This could certainly be a senior pastor or someone who is recognized in authority like a seminary president, professors. Deacons, on the other hand, are those who serve, maybe under the overseer. These might include those who minister but are not in any position. Even though the overseer is also servant, it is more likely used for the deacon. But both tasks are of the church and the ministry.

Obviously there are more requirements for someone to be an overseer, it should be a man. The deacon, in Romans 16:1, can be female. The same word diakonos was used. This is the basis of every selection of those who direct ministries and also pastors in our church.

Makes me ask myself, am I even close to any of these? I am still not a pastor, did not even dream of being one. But all my churchmates keep on praying for that to happen to me. I am scared. I have a great career in classical music and in the academe ahead of me but I am open to God’s will. I can surely use both and I plan to do that in my Ph.D.

Verse 7 says that the overseer must have a good reputation even outside of the church. Martyrian is also used for the word testimony. I just pray that God will help me be a good testimony to those around me especially my students and co-workers. I don’t know what God’s plan is, but all I know is that it is unique to me.


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