Life thoughts: Luke 2:15-38

Luke 2:15-38

This passage spans the part of the Christmas story where the shepherds went to see Jesus as a baby to Jesus as a child being offered to God in the temple. The characters are of course, Jesus, Mary and Joseph, but of notice are the shepherds, Simeon and Anna. The shepherds, Simeon and Anna had a common thing that they did. They believed what was said to them, they went to Jesus to see, and they told others. Believe, draw near, proclaim to others.

This might sound like a 3 point sermon on salvation, but I beg to differ. All of them I will assume are believers. I don’t think God will reveal himself to those who don’t believe him. So the shepherds might be believers. Simeon and Anna are definitely believers. All of them were told that they will see Jesus. See=experience. They came near=all senses. They were joyous=all that is within them. After that, they proclaimed and all wondered. Simeon will depart in peace, Anna gave thanks to God. The point is, once we draw near to God, all that is within us will be joyous for the glory that His presence in our lives bring. And this will, in turn be our motivation or our excitement to tell God to others, to praise Him, and to surrender our life to Him.

I was just asked to day to preach in church for the first time. Please pray for me. All that is within me is rejoicing on what God has been doing in my life. It’s my turn to tell the people of it.


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