Life Thoughts: 1 Peter 1:17-19

I’d like to focus on two things that struck me in this passage: Perishable and Precious. NRSV says that we should live in reverent fear because we were redeemed not with perishable things like silver or gold (aren’t these considered precious stones?), but with precious blood, the blood of Christ. Perishables are those things that decay–food, drinks. I usually see a truck that has a print that says: do not delay, perishable goods. Perishables are of the world. It means that nothing in this world could have brought us out of our chains and saved us from our sins. But why liken it to silver and gold? Yes, they are made here on earth, but they are still considered precious stones. I can see it this way: sometimes what we are made to believe seems like it is from the Bible. It might have passed every checklist that we have which pertains to doctrine. It might be preached by the best of the best pastors, but at the end everything and everyone is of the earth. We are, ourselves, perishables. Relying on someone for strength, hope, and direction could be a world’s worth of gold or silver. But it is clear. It is perishable. It will decay and soon be gone. But the precious blood of Christ, a blood that is pure and spotless is worth all and more of these perishable stones. The blood of Jesus is worth more than anyone that we think we can rely on, anyone that might be made and refined by gold and silver. The blood of Jesus is pure and spotless already thus it doesn’t need time for trust to be built upon it. It is already worthy of trust.

And this is the reason why I should worship. This is the reason why He is worthy of my trust. This is the reason why no other human being, however intelligent, and strong, and joyful, could ever match pure love of Jesus, sacrificed on the cross, blood shed for us. This is the reason why I should live all of life in reverent fear of Him.


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