Life thoughts: Psalm 52

Psalm 52

Delayed for some days, yes. But nonetheless trying to catch up. I’ve been so busy and tired the past two days because I’ve been rehearsing my group for a series of concerts this July. I am their conductor and it is an immense responsibility to fulfill the task of leadership and musicianship. The last chapter I read was Psalm 51, so I thought why not continue to do it.

I am amazed on how God speaks to me in a very unique way. I read the chapter without expectations, but truly the Bible is God’s Word. It talks about seeing someone boast on his evil deeds and the other person reflecting on how a punishment is waiting for that person and how he is protected by God forever.

The Bible considers reliance on self and independence on God as unGodly. The word boast means “to shine.” This reminded me of my career as a musician. As an artist and performer, I cannot help but think of myself as someone who could “shine” in a performance. We are performing really difficult pieces, and as the conductor, all glory will go to me. This is the most difficult thing that someone as myself can face–accepting all their praises. It is a kind of boasting after all. But verse 5 says, that God will break down that who boasts, will snatch him up, and uproot that person from the land of the living–which means abundance of life here on earth. Being boastful about my own talents and independence from God sure has a lot of consequences.

I learned that trusting on my self is not what the Bible teaches. I should pray more and rely on God more and more each day.


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