Life thoughts: Ministry Relationship Overload

Someone need not to be young in order to experience relationship overload. I am just 26 but sometimes I do experience this. I am music director and worship leader in our church, as well as a youth leader. I sometimes preach in the youth fellowship and will soon be preaching in the morning worship service. I also teach music in a Bible college here in Manila and it tends to be more than just a class when I am present there but a discipleship session as well.

The first thing I do is shut off myself from the world, not in a bad way of course. Aside from teaching music in a Bible college, I also teach music in 2 other different music schools. All of that with studying can sometimes really burn me out. I’ve done this maybe just three times in the past 2 years. I go somewhere, spend 2 to 3 days there, and just write worship songs. I love writing songs because it combines 2 things that I love, the Word and music. And in the past year I’ve written around 10 songs just by being away for a while from the world. It also gives me plenty of time to meditate on God’s Word and will in my life. Times will be spent just walking around or sitting in a nice café reading something. The absence of wifi is also helpful because work tends to try to catch up with me wherever I am. Sometimes, there will be days where I feel so down that I cancel my college classes (I make up for them anyway). I just spend one whole day out of the house and work, buy some books, which I find really therapeutic, maybe watch a movie all by myself. Recently, this has happened more often and I find it energizing for the days ahead after that.

Second thing I do is meet up with old friends. These are not the people who I met because of ministry but friends who I have known well ever since I was a kid. Knowing me before anything has really happened in my life is so beneficial because they will not judge who I am now because of my ministry but they will listen and encourage me because they’ve seen me develop a heart for God and the ministry since I was young. Recently I’ve had a short talk with my childhood bestfriend. I told him that I miss our times in the past because now every young man in church looks up to me and I keep on looking for that person who understands my language. My friend and I are of the same age anyway. Having that nonstop one hour conversation with him encouraged me as he reminded me of our commitments to God in the ministry during camp when we were young. It was also a way for me to encourage to learn about God and His Word more by studying. Old friends are the best because they know my life, not just my life in the ministry which every other person in church tends to see.


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