Ace Water Spa Buffet

My family likes going to Ace Water spa. It’s a spa that uses jet water to massage through bubble beds, bubble pools, rain fall accupuncture, mint, jasmine and lavender heated pools and more. This new branch opened in Pasig a few months ago but we never got the chance to visit it.

So we visited it this week with my dad. We were astounded by the the buffet that was waiting for us. Yummm!! It was relatively cheap compared to other buffet restaurants around the city. Just for 450php, we could enjoy unlimited food (japanese, italian, filipino) and even dessert!

Although we never really ate there, Ill be going back there and eat with Ara. Atleast now I know how it looks like and how much it costs (most important)!

Will definitely show you the real deal when I get to.

Alexander John ‘AJ’ Villanueva