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The JPL blog series: Chicken bites

Also at the middle of the stretch of JP Laurel is another month old food stall where one can relax and have a good time while munching or devouring on comfort food.

The food stall is anonymous. But still students in and outside UP Diliman buy here occasionally because of the cozy atmosphere brought by the tables and chairs behind the stall. They serve chicken bites, can be plain chicken bites or can be served with rice, rice bowl style.

The chicken bites which we ordered without the rice looks good also considering the generous amount put on the food container. Just by itself, it already is good. They cook it fresh, putting on egg and flour mixture on small cut pieces of chicken fillet. For the sauce, they have gravy, hot sauce, ketchup, and vinegar. Go with the vinegar when eating it without rice. Go with the gravy when eating it with rice.

And since it is a nice place to hang out (we were there for about 45 mins which is impossible in carinderias except those food stalls located in outside areas). And with the adjacent Flavored Fries and another adjacent milk tea place, I can be there all day!

They also have fried liempo on a rice bowl which I should also try next time.


J.P. Laurel is one of the most underrated food joints in UP Diliman. It is located near the Shopping Center along the road where the post office is on one end, and where the oval field is on the other end.


Food blog: Manang’s Chicken

I’ve always been hearing Manang Chicken since all these fried chicken restaurants sprouted out this year, starting with Bon Chon and others. It’s just now that I’ve tried it, since I’ve been craving for crispy fried chicken this week because of watching too much TLC. hehe.

(oopss. didn’t see that the letters are almost coming off. hehe)

Ara and I tried the one in Katipunan, the one at the ground floor of One Burgundy, one of the popular condos along Katips. The facade is just small. BUT, shockingly, there were more employees than diners. Otherwise, the place was nice, relaxing.

(sorry. Didn’t take much pics. Concentrated more on eating. hehe)

They pride themselves in double deep fried chicken. They also add sesame seeds to add to the crunch. They also have special sauces (original, mild spicy, extra spicy) to add flavor to the uberly crunchy chicken, which I really love! The chicken can stand on its own. I mean, it’s actually somewhat a problem with the food. the chicken is not that savory or flavorful unlike KFC, etc. Don’t get me wrong, it’s really good, on its own, even without rice. But, because the rice acts like a neutralizer of sorts, it strips down the chicken’s flavor to almost nothing. So the solution is, it eat just by itself or  eat the chicken with sides which we will do next time (the ricec can be upgraded to 1 of 3 different sides that they have). But otherwise, the chicken is worth dying for. I can eat 10 chicken wings from Manang’s!

The price is just right. For a 2 pc. chicken meal with a drink, it’s 154php. Not bad for great flavor. You add 10php to upgrade the rice to 1 of the sides (which I recommend). OR, munch on 3pc or 6pc chicken wings (which I might do next time).



Food blog: Kazam Kebab House, Maginhawa, Teachers Village

Maginhawa in Teacher’s Village is one of the most underrated places for foodies that is slowly creeping into the limelight because of all the blogs, top 10s and stuff that appear on TV and all over the net now and then.

Just for that matter, Ara and I tried, out of the blue, this Persian resto which is beside Good Burger in Maginhawa–Kazam.

As because the nature of all restos along Maginhawa, or maybe the whole of Teacher’s Village is a family/small business, this resto has only about 5 staff. Amazing! (Of course not all of them are in this pic)

For the food, Ara and I ordered just a few, good enough to last the whole afternoon. She ordered Beef Kebab which is 75php. Pretty decent for a student. It looks and tastes good as well. Just enough for how much it costs. It actually looks somehow like longganisa with sinangag in this picture. But hey, its still good considering the price. What I can say about the flavor is, it has a lot of spices that distincts it far from ordinary Filipino barbeque and enough tang (lemon i think) that would distinguish it from the regular shawarmas we have from those booths in every mall in the metro. There is a 2-stick kebab for 135php which has another name that I forgot.

I ordered a chicken wrap for 60php. A chicken wrap is also known as chicken  shawarma in other places like the Try Mo Shawarma Co. Place in Lagro. Just to compare the two, the one in Lagro has more meat inside. If you’re looking for something that REALLY fills you up, the one in Lagro is the answer. Filipinos would say that it’s masarap just because of the abundance of meat inside. But if we are to talk about the taste itself, the chicken wrap in Kazam is a shocker. It has the same stuff, tomatoes, white onions, and cucumber, ofcourse with the shredded chicken meat, but men, this one tastes a lot better. The chicken meat has a sort of tang that I never tasted in the one in Lagro. It was really good!

Overall, this place is for students who want to go Persian, be secluded enough to the ones near UP, and still enjoy the flavors of Persian food. The price is student-friendly, so no worries! It’s good! I recommend that you try it, even the other restos beside it. hehe. That’s what I’m gonna do next.



Food blog: Try Mo Shawarma Co.

Ara and her family used to live in Lagro in Quezon City a few years back. She introduced me to this wonderful Shawarma joint where everyone in the area seems to enjoy. It has no proper signage, just a small one, no nice seats, no air-conditioning, but people in the area, students, residents, know that this place should be a regular habit for them. And yes, the name of the joint is Try Mo Shawarma Co. which is located just at the arc after entering the boundary of Lagro, Quezon City.

When Ara and I was going here regularly before, there were just two meat varieties: chicken and beef. Now there’s pork. But I’d rather have the chicken shawarma since I am not a fan of beef, since it takes more time to digest. Chicken also is not always available in the usual shawarma places we see in the malls or even in UP and Philcoa. So, there goes chicken.

This place opens at 3pm and closes at 230am. It’s a place for night outs, parties, inuman and stuff. The prices are pretty cheap. For 65php you can enjoy chicken, beef or pork shawarma, which has generous amount of meat, plus cheese. There’s also something called sizzling shawarma, which is like a deconstructed shawarma in a sizzling plate, with shreds of pita bread. It’s good for sharing, and definitely best with rice.

We ordered chicken shawarma with cheese. Couldn’t taste the cheese that much though. But the chicken? Because there is generous amount of it, the flavor is so good. They also have 2 sauces to choose from: regular garlic sauce, and chili garlic sauce. So these 2 in the shawarma, HEAVEN! Even the veggies in the meal were not tipid. It’s really a MEAL not a snack. It’s heavy enough to get you going through a day.

So, if you have the chance, and you’re somewhere near Fairview, Novaliches, pass by here! You’ll love it!

Food blog: Bugong Roast Chicken, Market Market

Market! Market!

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delicious Bugong's Chicken

delicious Bugong Roast Chicken

Sunday is always a day for the family. And Market Market in Taguig is one of the best places were we do it. It’s a smorgasboard of different Filipino delicacies from different regions of the country.

It’s also where one of my favorite chicken places are–BUGONG ROAST CHICKEN!

It is usually packed with people waiting for their turn to savor that juicy, soft chicken that people learned to love.

It’s really really good! It’s roasted so I would compare the flavor to Kenny Roger’s minus the tang plus more juice.

Add that all up with good company…perfect dinner just with plain rice and pakbet bought from another store. It’s like having picnic in this very joyful place. There’s even live music!





more choices in Market Market, Taguig

more choices in Market Market, Taguig

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