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Food blog: Gelatissimo

This is a very exciting gelato bar in Trinoma. Everyone I know who has been there only have the best words to say. I was intrigued myself.

The place is very nice. It’s located in the open area in the top floor of Trinoma, where Starbucks is. You won’t have a problem with seats that much. But if ever, you do, there are a lot of sitting places around the area outside.

Gelatissimo is so exciting inside. They have two main gelato ‘stations’:

The fruit ‘station’

and the very lovely and enticing chocolate ‘station’

We got ourselves tasting and testing different flavors. I loved the face that they also help us in choosing what we can have by helping us combine 2 flavors (maybe a marketing strategy to get us to buy more or not; whatever! still is hella good!). I also loved the fact that they actually encourage you to try and taste almost everything if possible.


I had the most extraordinary ice cream combination I’ve heard til now–Chili Chocolate & white chocolate. So lovely. The Choco chili is so interesting! You get the taste of rich chocolate, then after 3 seconds, the chili comes running after. This is the sort of flavor you need to pacify. That’s where the white choco comes in. My goodness! Such a lovely combination.

We also got the Veronese Chocolate & white chocolate combo which is, I think, more lovely than what I had. Veronese chocolate is made from what we know here as Ferrero chocolates. Sweet and rich and full of flavor. Not to mention the oozing serving that we had.

1 scoop for 110php is not bad! 2 for 160php is really not bad at all! This good? I’ll be back!

I seriously enjoyed Gelatissimo. I think I found my new dessert place.


Food blog: Cake 2 go


Yesterday, Sunday, my eldest brother and his wife gave a cake from this shop to my parents for their 31st anniversary tomorrow. We won’t be able to meet up as a family that’s why celebrations are staggard.

I don’t what this cake is called but it tastes and looks like Chocolate Mousse with a little bit of coffee. It actually tastes good, rich in flavors. But men, you won’t last another slice of it. It’s sooo rich. The middle layer was like bombarded by a ton of butter. Not good for a lactose-intolerant like me. The crust was good. It had nuts together with the crust mixture. The chocolate shavings are enjoyable, I can eat all of it at once.

This type of cake is not for one to two sittings, unlike Red Ribbon cakes (well, at least in my family). But it was really good almost crossing the line of too good, too flavorful to consume by bulks.

Well, nothing beats the cakes from Banapple. haha!





Food blog: Red Ribbon Blackforest

I haven’t eaten their blackforest in a long time, so tonight was a really pleasant surprise for me.

The cake was tastier. There was more liquor flavor, which came maybe from the cherries. The chocolate dough was more compressed, giving the cake more weight and body.

It was such a pleasant surprise after an almost disastrous dinner out with the family.

Thank God for sugar! Thank God for blackforest!

Alexander John ‘AJ’ Villanueva
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Food blog: early birthday treats

Not really a food blog, but just a listing down of food I ate in church today as a start of my week’s celebration of my birthday on wednesday.

For lunch, my mom made chicken curry, which was really good since it was soya-cream based. (I’m lactose-intolerant) Then I bought the best commercially available ice cream for me–SELECTA Super Thick, strawberry and chocolate flavor.I actually wanted mango flavor, since it was my favorite, but there wasn’t any available.

Then our church elder brought home cute looking shell-shaped chocolates from Germany. They are so cute, and they don’t taste that sweet.

In the afternoon, I bought 4 boxes of pizza for the youth fellowship–not satisfied! Fatboys pizza is not good! But the kids enjoyed them anyway. It’s what we talk about and tease about around the food that was really fun. Then, my friend Hanah was gracious enough to buy a Caramel Coffee Cake from Red Ribbon. As usual, it was light, not that sweetn perfect, just like any cake from Red ribbon.

More food blogs this week! It’s my birthday!

Alexander John ‘AJ’ Villanueva
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