The JPL blog series: Chicken bites

Also at the middle of the stretch of JP Laurel is another month old food stall where one can relax and have a good time while munching or devouring on comfort food.

The food stall is anonymous. But still students in and outside UP Diliman buy here occasionally because of the cozy atmosphere brought by the tables and chairs behind the stall. They serve chicken bites, can be plain chicken bites or can be served with rice, rice bowl style.

The chicken bites which we ordered without the rice looks good also considering the generous amount put on the food container. Just by itself, it already is good. They cook it fresh, putting on egg and flour mixture on small cut pieces of chicken fillet. For the sauce, they have gravy, hot sauce, ketchup, and vinegar. Go with the vinegar when eating it without rice. Go with the gravy when eating it with rice.

And since it is a nice place to hang out (we were there for about 45 mins which is impossible in carinderias except those food stalls located in outside areas). And with the adjacent Flavored Fries and another adjacent milk tea place, I can be there all day!

They also have fried liempo on a rice bowl which I should also try next time.


J.P. Laurel is one of the most underrated food joints in UP Diliman. It is located near the Shopping Center along the road where the post office is on one end, and where the oval field is on the other end.


Food blog: Ree ChiChie’s Cassava cake

There’s this cassava cake place where I always pass by whenever I come home after bringing Ara home. I’ve been always intrigued as to how it is. So, last Tuesday, since it is a holiday in Manila, (All Saints’ Day) my dad wanted to visit the remains of my lola, his mom in Fairview, Quezon City. We passed by this small store and tried it out.

It’s pretty cheap. It’s available in 2 sizes. The big one costs 210php. The small one, which is still a lot, costs 105php. It is available with 2 toppings: macapuno and langka. We bought the macapuno.

It is so good. I’ve eaten a lot of cassava cakes, mostly from Laguna, but I’ve never tasted anything like this. The macapuno on top is generous that it adds to the sweetness of the whole thing. It’s creamy, and because it was freshly cooked, it added to how good it was.

It was so good we bought another one coming home. It was in the fridge for 3 days but the macapuno on top never dried up unlike most cassava cakes I’ve tasted.

I would really want to buy it again, especially for Xmas or when I go to visit Ara’s house soon.

Food blog: Cake 2 go


Yesterday, Sunday, my eldest brother and his wife gave a cake from this shop to my parents for their 31st anniversary tomorrow. We won’t be able to meet up as a family that’s why celebrations are staggard.

I don’t what this cake is called but it tastes and looks like Chocolate Mousse with a little bit of coffee. It actually tastes good, rich in flavors. But men, you won’t last another slice of it. It’s sooo rich. The middle layer was like bombarded by a ton of butter. Not good for a lactose-intolerant like me. The crust was good. It had nuts together with the crust mixture. The chocolate shavings are enjoyable, I can eat all of it at once.

This type of cake is not for one to two sittings, unlike Red Ribbon cakes (well, at least in my family). But it was really good almost crossing the line of too good, too flavorful to consume by bulks.

Well, nothing beats the cakes from Banapple. haha!





Food blog: Banapple

At long last! My favorite restaurants! My family and I have been eating here ever since I discovered it exactly a year ago.

There are two braches in Katipunan, Blue Ridge, we Ara and I or my family would usually eat. There is also one in Tomas Morato. Now, we ate in the Greenhills branch. Unlike the other branches, the Greenhills branch is not packed with people, so we got seats right away.

We ordered Cream Dory with honey mustard sauce. It’s a light meal (o well, anything from Banapple is never light), the Cream dory was cooked perfectly that it almost tasted like chicken fillet. The sauce is subtle enough that it did not overpower the fish. And what we always like in Banapple, SERVING SIZES! Everything is big! 180php (or around that price)

This never failed to entice and fill me up! I always suggest this to anyone who has eaten in Banapple for the first time–Hickory-smoked back ribs. The sauce is sooo good. The meat falls off the bone. It is so tender. Period. Truly the best meal, for me, in Banapple. And of course, it’s big! 185php

The star of the show! Never go to Banapple without eating their famous Bannoffee Pie. It’s not that sweet. The crust is so thick and flavorful, that it is a delight on its own. I would always measure that the thickness of the crust at the back part of the cake is the same size as my fork, front side down. Comfort food! 95php per slice. And again, it’s big. Good enough for 2 people.

Banapple never fails me.






















Food blog: Happy Lemon

I’ve been longing to try Happy Lemon, but the nearest in UP is in Eastwood. Since we were in Greenhills, we gave it a shot. Happy Lemon is but one of the prominent milk tea places that is taking Manila’s milk tea madness by storm. We went there around 3:30pm, and the place was packed, with some people buying 6-8, some for take-out.

I ordered the Green Tea Yakult since i love Yakult, and I was just trying things out. Well, I think I ordered the wrong drink. But it was good, I could taste the yakult in it, but how I wish I ordered the Lemon Yakult. Maybe it would’ve tasted better.

Ara ordered the Green Tea with Rocksalt and Cheese, which actually makes Happy Lemon very interesting. Rocksalt and Cheese with tea??? Well it was good! The cheese was lavishly poured last along with the bits of….crushed green tea on top??… I don’t know what that is. But it was really good. It’s those things in food that you would never imagine would go together, but they pulled it off!

I think I have to taste the other drinks on the menu next time.

Food blog: early birthday treats

Not really a food blog, but just a listing down of food I ate in church today as a start of my week’s celebration of my birthday on wednesday.

For lunch, my mom made chicken curry, which was really good since it was soya-cream based. (I’m lactose-intolerant) Then I bought the best commercially available ice cream for me–SELECTA Super Thick, strawberry and chocolate flavor.I actually wanted mango flavor, since it was my favorite, but there wasn’t any available.

Then our church elder brought home cute looking shell-shaped chocolates from Germany. They are so cute, and they don’t taste that sweet.

In the afternoon, I bought 4 boxes of pizza for the youth fellowship–not satisfied! Fatboys pizza is not good! But the kids enjoyed them anyway. It’s what we talk about and tease about around the food that was really fun. Then, my friend Hanah was gracious enough to buy a Caramel Coffee Cake from Red Ribbon. As usual, it was light, not that sweetn perfect, just like any cake from Red ribbon.

More food blogs this week! It’s my birthday!

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Food blog: Bugong Roast Chicken, Market Market

Market! Market!
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delicious Bugong's Chicken

delicious Bugong Roast Chicken

Sunday is always a day for the family. And Market Market in Taguig is one of the best places were we do it. It’s a smorgasboard of different Filipino delicacies from different regions of the country.

It’s also where one of my favorite chicken places are–BUGONG ROAST CHICKEN!

It is usually packed with people waiting for their turn to savor that juicy, soft chicken that people learned to love.

It’s really really good! It’s roasted so I would compare the flavor to Kenny Roger’s minus the tang plus more juice.

Add that all up with good company…perfect dinner just with plain rice and pakbet bought from another store. It’s like having picnic in this very joyful place. There’s even live music!





more choices in Market Market, Taguig

more choices in Market Market, Taguig

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