Food Blog: Healthy Veggie Burgers

along Maginhawa, Teacher's Village

along Maginhawa, Teacher’s Village

Sick today, but nonetheless went to school but wasn’t able to go to me afternoon classes. For some reason, Ara and I wanted to be a little bit healthy. So for lunch, we opted to eat in one of my favorite burger places–GOOD BURGER in Maginhawa, Teacher’s Village.

We’ve been eating here for as long as I’ve discovered the goodness of eating guilt-free burgers. Just to explain that more, they serve healthy burgers, veggie burgers and chicken burgers. But being ‘partly’ vegetarian (that means being a vegetarian whenever I remember haha), Ara and I chose veggie patties.

The food is cheap. I ordered a BLT sandwich which is 120php for 3 patties. It has bacon bits, a big tomato slice, onions, lettuce, mayo and 3 VEGGIE PATTIES! Ara ordered the Margherita burger that has mozzarella cheese, tomato, basil leaves, mayo, and 3 VEGGIE PATTIES for only 125php. Pretty cheap!

The burgers are grilled, and knowing that they are veggie patties makes all cholesterol worries go away. Plus, their buns are made from whole wheat, making it more healthy. They have at least 10 other varieties ranging from just mayo to 3 different cheeses.

The place is small and not air-conditioned, which is a downside, but still a lot of people go here to savor their healthy burgers. It’s a good place for barkadas and foodies who also have a chance to glimpse on the other restos around the place.

I just know of two branches: Maginhawa, Teacher’s Village and C5 in front of Tiendesitas.

So if you’re health-conscious yet you miss those times when you get to eat beef burgers from popular fastfood chains all the time, this place is perfect for you.

BlT sandwich (L), Margherita (R)

BlT sandwich (L), Margherita (R)

BLT (L) Margherita (R)

BLT (L) Margherita (R)

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