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The JPL blog series: Lutong Bahay’s Lemon shake

This image shows a whole and a cut lemon.

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Lutong bahay is one of the two oldest canteens in JP Laurel. They are institutions to the point that people would associate the street that is JP Laurel to LB (Lutong Bahay). Lutong Bahay is a regular student-priced canteen that serves ‘lutong bahay’ favorites as well as really tasty pansits and lumpia.

But now, we focus on what we can see outside. The fruit shakes stand.

I never get my fruit shakes here because I thought that there was a better place. But they have something that I have never seen offered in other fruit shake places in UP as well as those in the malls, considering the price. Of course they have the basics like mango, melon, papaya, watermelon and some powdered chocolate, vanilla. But just lately, as I was seeing people pass by from LB, what caught my eye was a lemon-decorated cup that made me really curious.

For 35php you get this wonderful, pretty, sweet, sour goodness that may remind us of the other more sophisticated drinks like Happy Lemon. Well, yes. It is a fresh lemon shake. I have known no other stall that offers this in UP. They even slice and seed the lemon in front of you while you wait. It is good. They managed to balance the sour lemon with the sugar and made it a wonderful fresh lemonade slush. Try!


J.P. Laurel is one of the most underrated food joints in UP Diliman. It is located near the Shopping Center along the road where the post office is on one end, and where the oval field is on the other end.


Food blog: Burgoo

It’s my parents’ 31st anniversary today but unfortunately a big typhoon is battering the country today. But I guess even a typhoon couldn’t stop a small celebration of God’s goodness and faithfulness in the lives of my parents and the whole family. Although just the 3 of us celebrated,  it was still fun. The food was great!

My dad has been dying for us to try Burgoo for the past year. In SM Marikina, they’ve been constantly giving freebies bundled with a purchase in Burgoo. My dad has some of them so we opted to try it out.

After watching Johnny English, which was really funny, we had dinner in Burgoo. Since my dad is trying to lose a little weight off, he ordered just enough bites for the three of us.

My dad ordered Shrimp Caesar’s Salad. It had also crab shreds, calamaris, croutons. It was good for a start. The shrimps were really good. I think they were grilled. The dressing was not overpowering the leaves and all the components.

My dad told me that we’re gonna have a lot of shrimps tonight. So we ordered this Shrimp a la pobre. It’s really good and flavorful. It’s so simple. It’s sauteed in flavor infused olive oil. It has a lot of mild peppers going on that gave it a lot of kick. It was good…and expensive. haha! It was actually free, and that was great.

For the main, my dad ordered Trio Pahitas. It’s a trio of chicken shreds, beef shreds and shrimps with mushrooms and peppers. They were all sauteed in olive oil, with some spices that I think was a bit lacking, and they served it in a sizzling plate.

They are wrapped with this along with dressings of cream, salsa and cheese. I added a lot of Tabasco just to get things going. It was really good and heavy to the belly.

I didn’t get to see the bill, but overall it was a happy experience. I was looking around the resto and kept on seeing the shrimp, ribs and shrimp platter. Well, if that is there specialty, we should try that next time.

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Food blog: Cake 2 go


Yesterday, Sunday, my eldest brother and his wife gave a cake from this shop to my parents for their 31st anniversary tomorrow. We won’t be able to meet up as a family that’s why celebrations are staggard.

I don’t what this cake is called but it tastes and looks like Chocolate Mousse with a little bit of coffee. It actually tastes good, rich in flavors. But men, you won’t last another slice of it. It’s sooo rich. The middle layer was like bombarded by a ton of butter. Not good for a lactose-intolerant like me. The crust was good. It had nuts together with the crust mixture. The chocolate shavings are enjoyable, I can eat all of it at once.

This type of cake is not for one to two sittings, unlike Red Ribbon cakes (well, at least in my family). But it was really good almost crossing the line of too good, too flavorful to consume by bulks.

Well, nothing beats the cakes from Banapple. haha!





Food blog: Red Ribbon Blackforest

I haven’t eaten their blackforest in a long time, so tonight was a really pleasant surprise for me.

The cake was tastier. There was more liquor flavor, which came maybe from the cherries. The chocolate dough was more compressed, giving the cake more weight and body.

It was such a pleasant surprise after an almost disastrous dinner out with the family.

Thank God for sugar! Thank God for blackforest!

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Food blog: Bugong Roast Chicken, Market Market

Market! Market!

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delicious Bugong's Chicken

delicious Bugong Roast Chicken

Sunday is always a day for the family. And Market Market in Taguig is one of the best places were we do it. It’s a smorgasboard of different Filipino delicacies from different regions of the country.

It’s also where one of my favorite chicken places are–BUGONG ROAST CHICKEN!

It is usually packed with people waiting for their turn to savor that juicy, soft chicken that people learned to love.

It’s really really good! It’s roasted so I would compare the flavor to Kenny Roger’s minus the tang plus more juice.

Add that all up with good company…perfect dinner just with plain rice and pakbet bought from another store. It’s like having picnic in this very joyful place. There’s even live music!





more choices in Market Market, Taguig

more choices in Market Market, Taguig

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Life thoughts: a day with my parents

Back at June, I was being restless with the fact that I just had 12 units required this term, that I had nothing else to do at home, and that I am getting old not to help my parents with house expenses. So I applied for a job…got accepted. But I’m still not satisfied. I only teach on a Saturday which would also mean less pay. I never really realized that it was God’s way of telling me, spend more time with your parents. You’ll never know when you’ll be leaving.

True enough. These past few months were a witness to how much closer my relationship with my parents was more developed. Since I’m the only child still living with them (my eldest bro is married and has a son; my sis is living in Paranaque and is getting married on October), I might as well do them all the love that my other siblings couldn’t give at the moment of their absence.

So here’s today:

We went to SM because I was insiting to. It can get really boring at home sometimes. We used a discount voucher that I bought 2 weeks back that would allow us to consume 200php worth of taho and ‘soy-moothies’. We actually had some bit of difficulty consuming the 200phps. Then we watched Cars 2 in these posh recliners that were so comfortable my folks slept on them when we watched Captain America 2 weeks ago! We really enjoyed the movie.

After dinner back home, walked out to the grocery store (Puregold) nearby and bought yogurt and an ice cream cone for dessert.

Twas just fun to be with them. I really would never know if I could still do this with them next year (if God would allow me to study abroad).

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